a little history

So I'd like to start off with a little history of how Luna came to be my cat and how she came to love bunnies. This emerging rabbit relationship isn't her first, nor is it mine, but it is new all the same.
Almost nine years ago I moved into my first apartment and was given as an unusual gift - a second hand pet rabbit who I named Peter. He was a mischievous little grey dwarf rabbit and I had no idea what to do with him. We grew to understand each other rather quickly, I gave him free run of the apartment and he obliged by my litter box regulations. He chewed my stuff but I didn't mind much, and he occasionally gave me some snuggle time in return for hay and cilantro. The day I came across a "free kitten" sign next to a picture of a most
ridiculous little Siamese,
I knew I had experienced love at first sight. Luna came home with me as a tiny little furball who was afraid of nothing, including big bunnies. Peter immediately fell for her and she paid him no mind as he followed her around and made her his world. They grew up this way, well, ok- we all grew up this way - wrestling, grooming, comforting; a hilarious and remarkable comedy of inter species bonding. No preconceptions between them, no jealousy,
no arguments - simply a playful partnership. Even though Luna physically outgrew him she always remained the little one in the relationship. They spent the better part of eight years together this way, and as Pete grew old Luna remained dutifully by his side - even in the last week of his life this past October, she kept close beside him- a seemingly intuitive and unspoken language between them.
Together Luna and I have missed our Pete terribly. I fully intended to wait to consider a new addition... but our little family was lacking, and I would like to share the beginnings of how Maria has wriggled her way into our life.

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