Tiny Hops and Small Flops

Marty and Bilbo don’t seem to be frightened of each other anymore. They both are comfortable lying in the same vicinity of the other, but they have not yet learned how to play with each other. Bilbo moves in fast, jerky motions in order to try and persuade Marty to chase him. Marty plays by flopping over on his back and bops Bilbo on the head when he gets close in order to entice him to play. They both seem to really want to play, but frighten each other upon every interaction. I think that once they learn each other’s language, so to speak, of how to play together then they will become great pals.

The Cautious Cat and the Hyper Hare

In my first week of having Marty I have quickly learned that he is quite limber and energetic. He is open to meeting and playing with any person he comes in contact with, which totally contrasts the personality of Bilbo. Bilbo is the more reserved and skeptical of the two. It takes him awhile to warm up to new people, but ironically enough, Bilbo is the one that initiates almost all of their interactions.

On the first day they had contact, Bilbo and Marty were very calmly and gently sniffing each other, but then Bilbo got spooked and bopped Marty on the nose. Ever since then Marty has been extra cautious when Bilbo comes around. He often withdraws when Bilbo approaches him. 

Marty’s exuberant personality definitely seems to be bringing Bilbo out of his shell way more than I could have ever imagined. They haven’t yet made it to the stage of playing together, but they often interact in brief spurts. Bilbo likes to run up to Marty, give him a quick sniff, and then scurry away. Unfortunately, Marty is not yet used to Bilbo’s quick actions and they usually frighten him.

I will continue to try and acclimate the two in hopes that they will get used to each other, but as for now I am very optimistic of their future together.

New Guest Poster!

Rachel has had a rabbit for most of her life. Her current one, Bilbo, is a Lop who she's had for 5 years. She says he's a fairly independent, timid guy. But her work load with school has picked up, and she wants to adopt another furry creatures to keep Bilbo company at home ... a cat, in particular. She's agreed to tell us all about the process of bonding the two, so check back to see how things are going!


Bilbo: The Bored Bunny

 Marty: The Feline Friend