Suspicious Behavior

Well, Ive certainly been fooled by the performative antics of these little fuzzies. On three occasions this past week Ive turned around to see Luna and Maria engaging in exceptionally cordial behavior with one another. The first was Luna dozing with her head resting on Maria's cage, with the rabbit nonchalantly napping unperturbed below.
This astonished me as Id yet to witness an interaction between them that hadn't ended with Luna fearfully darting off down the hall, or with Maria stomping her foot and hiding behind a curtain or under a chair. The second time I caught them was after Id been typing away at my homework for an hour only to turn around and discover the two furries facing off on the same article of furniture. Now the rule has generally been that if Maria is out of her cage, then Luna will only allow for herself to be elevated on some sort of surface that provides a safe vantage point on which to intently observe bunny behavior. She is still rather shy and wary of Maria after the few acts of bullying and when Maria attempts to make contact, she wont have it. But here they were sitting side by side! Luna was nervous and the time was limited - but I began to catch on that the interactions they were having in front of me were often for my benefit alone. Those tricksters have been bonding in their own way so long as I keep out of it.
Today was the third and most touching of all interactions I have witnessed. I had let Maria out of the cage for hours while I worked on my homework. She and Luna had been in the same room all day and were often changing positions and watching each other... but had yet to directly interact. When Luna sauntered over to take in some kitty food, Maria followed and helped herself to Luna's water dish. So there they were, side by side, like old friends meeting for lunch. I'm very pleased with the progress.
It will still take time for them to establish their level of comfort and trust with each other, but they are certainly interested and relating on some level. My intention was to find a friend to keep Luna active, and this young bunny is definitely providing more than merely a point of interest for her.


  1. These animals sound absolutely wonderful! They are lucky to have such a caring human to own.

  2. hi!! i have 2 cats and a foster bunny.

    there's a blog on that here :

    anyway, i never had to train my cats to be nice with the bunny, they just are. We used to have a guinea pig and nobody got hurt. Good luck with yours!

  3. You'd be surprised the pets that can get along if you give them a chance!