Introducing Prince Mochi

Mochi, a beautiful black Holland Lop, is our original bunny.  Affectionately named Prince Mochi, he is diva above all owning a prominent and respectful command of our home.  As a young prince, Mochi has claimed everything as his own, including adding intricate designs to my husbands favorite leather jacket.  This we give freely for the love he shares and gift that he is.  I am a mental health therapist specializing in children experiencing trauma, and Mochi travels to work with me regularly.  The children often ask, “Is Mochi here today? No, well I guess I will talk to you anyway.”  Mochi has more than earned his keep with the children he has helped and love he shares.  So, when I began to feel as if Mochi wanted a friend, we gladly took him to Bunnyluv (a simply fabulous rescue center that is a wealth of bunny health and care information) and bonded him with his choice of partners. 


As we discovered the challenges of bonding bunnies, I began to wonder if I was wrong in assuming Mochi wanted a bunny friend.  Mochi was difficult to bond, rejecting most four legged friends.  However, after months of bonding attempts, Mochi fell in love with Fletcher, a very sweet tempered but slightly skittish Dutch Mix.  Mochi and Fletchcr cuddle, kiss and sleep nose to nose.  Fletcher’s entrance into our family has provided a new view on bunny personalities.  He will sit on your lap for hours and cuddle (yes I know this is odd bunny behavior), and at times be scared of his own shadow.   He will thump at himself, freaked out by the click click of his feet on the hardwood floor.  He will jump off and on the carpet, thumping at the sound he makes.  He is equally unique to Mochi and a perfect fit for our unconventional family. 


Finished with the bonding process, our pet family was complete.  That was until our contractor and friend, Larry Mullins, walked into the house and asked, “What should I do with this?”  He held in his hand a scrawny, dirty and very scared little 5-week-old kitty.  He handed the little baby over to my husband, Randy. Randy called me at work and informed me we are absolutely not keeping the kitty.  However, by the time I was home, the kitty had been bathed, fed, and was fast asleep in my husbands arms.  Randy said, “She thinks I am her mom.” Sure, we were not keeping her….she is now named Ms. Mullina Larray, after our friend who found her.  We call her Ms. Mully.  And I know absolutely nothing about cats.


So how do you bond a kitty with bunnies anyway?  Mochi went through dozens of bunnies to find Fletcher, and now I want him to freely accept another little friend that I have chosen?  That the Prince had not given permission to live in the kingdom?  And dear Fletcher is scared of his own shadow… stay tuned for future posts as I share the integration of our new little carnivore into our family.

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