A Fickle Friendship

I wish at this point in the bunny-cat bonding I could share the news that Cohen, Almond & Walnut have become an inseparable trio but if I did, I’d be lying!  Walnut avoids Cohen and if I could read rabbit thoughts I’m almost positive she’s muttering, “get this fat cat out of my house.” Meanwhile Almond & Cohen have an unusual bond that I’m not sure I like.  For the most part Almond follows Cohen around, she has also developed a fascination for his tail.  This is not a problem with me, the problem is that Cohen enjoys grooming Almond…and also enjoys nipping at her if she gets too close, or smells him wrong, or steps on his pinky toe, if you catch my drift he’s pretty much unpredictable.  We’ll scold Cohen and separate the two of them…and do you know what happens? They play with each other through the fencing and Cohen will lie nearby.  Is this a friendship? If so they have the most fickle friendship on the planet. It’s stressful and I’m pretty sure Adam and I will have white hair when this bonding period ends- if it ever does.

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