Cinnabun and KitKat's first week

Cinnabun and KitKat have just finished their first week together and as you can see, things are going pretty well! The kitty is only 8 weeks old so he is still smaller than the bunny but won't be for long - she is a dwarf bunny and only weighs about 2.5 pounds.  Cinnabun is free range but will stay in our bedroom unless we bring her to the living room with us because she is afraid of walking too far on the wood floors.  We slowly eased them into being in the room alone together - first for just a few minutes but we have already worked our way up to about 8 hours while we are at work! She is a tough bunny and is definitely willing to stand up for herself, especially against something smaller than her.

Anyway, we think Cinnabun is really beginning to like KitKat.  They will chase each other around the room, wrestle, take naps together, and share water (for some reason the kitten will only drink of out the bunny's water which is a little odd but also funny)! We have caught them cuddling together as demonstrated in the picture multiple times and I certainly hope it doesn't stop when the cat gets older.  So far everything has been going very smoothly with the introduction of KitKat.

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