Two hops forward, one step back

Who remembers the Paula Abdul song, "Opposites Attract?" Or maybe I'm showing my age-- I was an all-out 80's kid!

Well, we are still in the introduction mode in our house for our cat meets rabbit story. Georgie the lionhead is still getting used to his new surroundings and prefers to stay in the playroom or hop into our bedroom to burrow under the bed. He's curious about us, especially my two kids, but he certainly hasn't started snuggling with us or with the kitty,  Pikachu.

BUT I haven't heard him thump at our cat in over a week! That's progress, right? Riiiighhht?

I'm continuing to read up on bunnies and cats and we are taking it slowly. We had to have a cat and bunny sitter last week when we were out of town, so I feel like we had to start over again with trust this week. But last night, Georgie gave me a kiss on the forehead after I gave him his mixed green salad. He then hopped away before I dared pet him, but again, I'll take it!

Onward and upward!


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