Sometimes It's Easy

A reader just sent in this story. It's not the typical scenario, but proves that sometimes inter-species bonds come easy, especially if one of your pets is young when you introduce them ...

"I am sure I am just lucky, and the occurrences in my studio apartment should have taken much longer. However, my family started with my boyfriend, myself, and a rescued cat named Lexi. It soon expanded to include a puppy (pit bull mix, now 8 months old). Later came 2 kittens (about a month ago) and then I adopted a flemish giant for my 5th grade class pet (I am a new teacher). Long story short, the bunny was accustomed to roaming as he pleased and using a litter box. That is the way it was for him in my class (I have very careful, well behaved students) until administration said he had to be caged. I knew he would be miserable, so I brought him home until I was able to find a new home for him. That was yesterday. As soon as he came home, I opened his kennel (the dog was at day care, only cats were home) and one kitten crawled in and laid beside the bunny and fell asleep. Later they both woke up, and the bunny came out the explore. The other kitten fell in love with him, and the adult cat really just couldn't care less about his presence. She ignores him. I was nervous about bringing the dog home, but it was nothing to be worried about. I came inside (with puppy on leash), and the bunny hopped right over to the puppy. She backed up and laid down. The bunny continued to approach her, and climbed on her and smelled all over. She stood up and sniffed and licked the bunny all over. Although I have not let them alone unsupervised, I am not worried at all. They are like best friends! At this moment the puppy, one kitten and the bunny are all curled up asleep! I am so pleased this is all working out, but still looking forward to a larger place!"