New Guest Poster

Welcome to Kristen, who is lined up to be our next Cat Meets Bunny guest poster! She and her fiance and have two rabbits who are now 7 months old, and are free roaming in the living room. Plus, they've just adopted an 8-year-old cat! Kristen says, "Almond & Walnut (the rabbits) are around 4-5.5 lbs each, they are rambunctious, curious and very confident.  Cohen (cat) is an overweight 20lb kitty, that is very loving- he's definitely a lap cat.  I hope that the three of them will become best friends but I have a feeling the bunnies might be bossing Cohen around." Stop by often to see how it all works out!


 Cohen: Cat in a Conundrum

Walnut & Almond: Rambunctious Rabbits

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