Scaredy Cat Cohen

Hi guys!  The first few days of interaction between Cohen, Almond & Walnut has gone smoothly, we keep an eye on all interactions and it is mostly with a fence separating the bunnies and the cat.  To be honest, Cohen has shown no interest in the two girls…he could care less about their existence and chooses to ignore their presence.  The two girls however are on completely different agendas.  Walnut, the calm bunny, has attempted to smell Cohen a few times but has instead found more interest in Cohen’s toys and litter box.  Almond, the rambunctious of the two, is anything and everything Cohen. She has been following him around and smelling him non-stop.
The first meeting that the three had without a fence seemed to go well until Almond decided to get into Cohen’s personal space.  We could tell she wanted him to groom her and that she has taken a liking to him…but Cohen does not like his stomach being touched and Almond crossed that line.  As a result he ran away and now steers clear of the two.  At the week one mark we now have a cat that watches all bunny activity from the safety of the bathroom or coffee table.  Mind you- Cohen is 20 lbs and both bunnies together weigh about 8lbs. To limit the stress of all animals (AND HUMANS) we only let them interact for a few hours and then they are back to being separated by a fence.  I hope that things get better in time, but for now I can’t complain about how smoothly things have gone.

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