Adopting Georgie and Meeting Pikachu


I'm Julia, known by the blogging world as Frantic Mama. Life just got a little more frantic in my house, but a LOT more fun! I have two young kids and an awesome calico cat.

We adopted Georgie the Lionhead Bunny from the Minnesota Animal Humane Society on Valentine's Day. Cute, right?

My daughter holding Georgie for the first time, pre-adoption. He doesn't really like to be held, so we are pretty much hands off with him now that he lives with us. We are giving him his space and letting him come to us.

Full disclosure: I didn't know much about bunnies when we first met Georgie. But I'm a quick study, and I did my research. He now has free reign of our entire upstairs, and the safe, baby/bunny-proofed playroom is pretty much his domain. He couldn't believe it when he first realized he got to hop as fast as he wanted up and down the hallway and all around his room. I almost cried I was so happy for him.

Did I mention our kitty?

This is Pikachu, former barn cat turned cherished princess of our home.

Pikachu is the BEST cat ever. I am very, very biased, of course. But she is super calm, friendly, and loves attention and even loves my two young children. She shows zero aggression and is just an overall chill, happy cat.

Georgie and "Peeks" will be best buddies, right???

Not yet. 

We are slowly exposing them to each other. Pikachu mostly observes Georgie, and Georgie occasionally hops a little closer to the kitty. Often, he gets startled when he gets too close, offers a big thump, and hops away. Pikachu then looks a little dejected...

I'm not giving up anytime soon. Stay tuned for more of my story on Cat Meets Bunny!



  1. This is so cute and amazing. I hope they become the best of buddies!!!!

  2. Hi Julia! Sounds like Georgie has a great new home with you! I'm one of the people who started this blog (Dog Meets Bunny - Episode 1, Amy in Santa Monica) and I'm also a licensed educator for the House Rabbit Society (HRS). I wanted to direct your attention to a graphic and article I wrote for HRS about getting cats and rabbits together - it should have some good information for you. See it here: As you proceed I am happy to help answer any rabbit care/behavior or cat & rabbit bonding questions that come up. I am currently staffing the HRS Care & Behavior email hotline, so shoot me an email if you'd like! ~Amy R in MN

  3. I just re-posted Amy's article on Cat Meets Bunny, too. Check it out at