New Guest Poster

Julia just adopted a bunny a few weeks ago from the Humane Society. She says "He was very shy at first but is slowly approaching us more. We had brought in a sweet, gentle barn cat into our home about a year ago. I’m hoping they’ll be friends."

How the bonding going? Julia says, "So far, we’ve gradually let them be in the same room together and it’s gone … okay. Our cat is definitely interested in the bunny. The bunny is wary of the cat and though he has approach the cat a bit and been okay, he usually ends up startling and giving a loud thump before hopping away."

Julia's excited to tell us all about how this odd couple friendship progresses. Stay tuned!


Pikachu: Beautiful ex-Barn Cat

 Georgie: Likeable Lionhead


  1. I would love to hear a recent update to Julia’s story! I am considering doing exactly what she has done, introducing a cat to our bunny. I miss having a cat companion. (We love our bunny as well)! I am so glad to see this site!!

    1. If you do, let me know and I'll set you up with your own story on the site!